[mrtg] Re: general MIB question, & a tougher one

Stieers, Ken KStieers at DainRauscher.com
Fri Feb 4 17:02:42 MET 2000

Look in the config.html file on how to specify targets by IP.  Its there.

Sometimes SNMP interface index can change, like when new interfaces are
added or removed. This can cause all Target entries in your config file to
become wrong by offset, causing MRTG to graphs wrong instances etc. MRTG
supports IP address instead of ifindex in target definition. Then MRTG will
query snmp device and try to map IP address to current ifindex, You can use
IP address in every type of target definition, by adding IP address of the
numbered interface after OID and separation char '/' 

Make sure that given IP address is used on your same target router, your
same target router, especially when graphing two different OIDs and/or
interface split by '&' delimiter. 


 Target[ezwf]: / at wellfleet-fddi.ethz.ch
 Target[ezci]: -/ at ezci-ether.ethz.ch
 Target[ezwf]: at myrouter
 Target[ezwf]: ifInErrors/ at myrouter

To use mibs, put the mib files in one directory and look at the config.html
for the "LoadMibs" directive.  Your target definition will have to be the
name as for the variable as defined in the mib (ex. ifInOctets is the name
for  Instead of having to puzzle out the numbers, you
just need to find the names (the mib is a text file so you can use any
editor to read it). 

>	Here's a simple question for you.  I wouldn't aks it on the 
> list except I've never found a nice layman wording of how to do this. 
> How do I use MIBs with MRTG?  I've got to setup some pages to monitor 
> a Cisco 3660 and a 5300.  I know you can do things like PCU temp and 
> memory but I don't know how and I assume I either need a custom MIB 
> or the OID (something else I've yet to work with).  Can anyone offer 
> an easy way of getting started?  It would be much appreciated.
> 	I also have another question that's a little weird.  On that 
> 3660 I need to monitor 2 DSL customers bandwidth.  Only problem is 
> that they don't use the same port everytime.  They do however use the 
> same IP.  What I'm thinking is that if I take their port # from the 
> data below...
> ip.ipRouteTable.ipRouteEntry.ipRouteIfIndex. = 154
> ip.ipRouteTable.ipRouteEntry.ipRouteIfIndex. = 166
> ...and append it to interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets. I could 
> then let MRTG query that.  Would that work you think?  Could I do 
> most of that from within MRTG or would I have to shell script or perl 
> it?  Any ideas?  Thanks

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