[mrtg] Re: mrtg, Cisco and CAR - International Traffic

Steven Sporen sporens at ecnet.co.za
Sun Feb 6 08:16:37 MET 2000

 I run mrtg on windows NT, using activeperl (http://www.perl.com/) and I got
the package for netmask from

I compiled it with perl and put it in the lib directory.

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From: Joe George
To: sporens at ecnet.co.za
Subject: Re: [mrtg] mrtg, Cisco and CAR - International Traffic


I am also trying the very same.  You were saying, you made
Cisco_ip_accounting contrib
working.  Where did you get the Netmask.pm perl module?  What is your
MRTG platform.

I was working with "whodo" folder of contrib for IP accounting stats.



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