[mrtg] Re: Threshold examples

Justin Shore listuser at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Mon Feb 7 01:56:42 MET 2000

	Thanks for the reply.  That looks to be what I want to return 
in the e-mail.  I'll have to see if I can find a easy way to do that 
in Linux (generic 'mail' can do that I believe--probaly a seperate 
script for each Threshold I'm monitoring or at least a seperate text 
file to import).  I'm looking at the Thres items in config.html for 
MRTG and I'm wondering, is there a way to make it send an e-mail when 
it reaches value X, but not send another e-mail for Y minutes 
(assuming its still above the threshold and regardless of whether or 
not the Threshold was reached during period Y)?  Has anyone done 
that?  If MRTG doesn't allow for it, a perl or shell script that 
outputs the time to file when run and reads from it when run again 
can probably do it.  Interesting idea...  Thanks again!


At 10:51 AM +1100 2/7/00, Miller Anthony (RBAU/ISY) wrote:
>Try this....I am using 2.8.3 on an NT box which calls a batch file that runs
>(a command line email util) which fires an email out if the threshold has
>been met
>ThreshMaxO[x.x.x.x]: 6000
>ThreshProgO[x.x.x.x]: c:\mrtg-2.8.3\run\ThreshOverWA.bat
>ThreshMaxI[x.x.x.x]: 6000
>ThreshProgI[x.x.x.x]: c:\mrtg-2.8.3\run\ThreshOverWA.bat
>ThreshOverWA.bat looks like this
>c:\mrtg-2.8.3\run\mapisend.exe -u SENDMAIL -p xxxxxxxx -r "Miller Anthony
>(RBAU/ISY)" -s "Western Australia PVC has exceeded 48K CIR" -m "Click here
>to see graph   file:\\xxxx\mrtg\x.x.x.x.html"
>This email tells me which PVC has been met, then places a shortcut to the
>graph in the email so
>you can jump straight to it to see. This monitors both In and Out OIDS.
>Attached is MapiSend
>see how you go

Justin Shore
K-State Linux Distro Mirror, Sysadmin
macdaddy at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu

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