[mrtg] Re: MRTG optimization and maximal 5 minute polls

Justin Shore listuser at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu
Mon Feb 7 13:17:06 MET 2000

	You definetly need multiple configs.  In your case you need 
at least 1 per switch--even that's a lot for one config to do.  Maybe 
you could pull some of the other common items out of those configs to 
make it a little smaller.  If you monitor the uplink ports, pull them 
out to a seperate file.  If you can think of anything else, pull them 
out too.  Maybe split the 25-50 ports down the middle and make two 
seperate files.  Then in your crontab try to stagger the seperate 
instances of MRTG if you can.  Make the config monitoring the first 
half of the switch run every 5 minutes starting at 00:00, and the 2nd 
half start at 00:01.  Pick a few of the others and do the same. 
Spread it out over the 5 minute interval.  man 5 crontab for more 

Good luck!

At 1:17 PM +0000 2/7/00, Dan Wentzel wrote:
>	This is just a guess as I've only been using MRTG for a short time, but
>I would surmise that the 'long pole in the tent' on this process is 
>the time it takes
>for the information to be gathered by your multiple switches.  MRTG and rateup
>are probably twiddling their thumbs waiting for the data to get back 
>to them.  You
>are simply asking for a *lot* of stuff from these switches.
>	Maybe it would help to break up your cfg files even more. 
>I'm going to be
>monitoring our 7 switches (and more to come), but I'm considering 
>breaking down the cfg's to EACH
>card on the switch and maximizing the 'parallelism' that this would 
>give me....  You
>might try this as well.
>	I wish there were any easier way to confirm that it's the 
>delay in request/response
>time from those devices.  If you could feed already collected data 
>into MRTG through
>a file (to try and benchmark the performance), that would help.... 
>Maybe someone
>has done this?

Justin Shore
K-State Linux Distro Mirror, Sysadmin
macdaddy at vinnie.ksu.ksu.edu

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