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Congdon, Christopher CCongdon at WorkNET.net
Mon Feb 7 15:36:58 MET 2000

Looks like I still have some to learn about PIX! That did the trick. Thanks!

Now, here's the next couple of questions.

A) For GetIF, where can I find a MIB file that I can drop into the MIBs
directory so that I can browse the PIX's Cisco MIB? I've been to Cisco's
website, and found a bunch of .my files, but they don't seem to do anything
for GetIF.
B) What information should be the most useful for me to monitor? I know one
thing I'd like to keep track of is # of people going through the PIX at any
one time. Anything else I should be worried about? Not knowing what the
Cisco MIB looks like for the PIX, I have no idea what it keeps track of...


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On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Congdon, Christopher wrote:

> It would appear the SNMP is not open on the PIX. There are no firewalls
> between myself and the PIX, so that wouldn't be the problem.
> These are the following SNMP commands that are part of the PIX's config:
> (Community not published, of course!)
> snmp-server location Indianapolis Base Station
> snmp-server contact WCI NOC
> snmp-server community *******
> no snmp-server enable traps

Ah, you forgot to tell the PIX WHICH host it expects SNMP queries to come

snmp-server host inside a.b.c.d

Without that line, SNMP stays turned off on the PIX, at least on versions
4.x and 5.x.

> Christopher


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