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Tue Feb 8 20:03:25 MET 2000

In article <38A052E3.68AA8B4B at fib.upc.es> you wrote:
> I get the 14all first page with the list of directories (that's ok!),
> but when I follow the links, the page I get only shows the header
> ("Available Targets") and footer (MRTG logos).

It should at least show links to the target pages. Could you please send me
your config?

> Hacking a little with the script params I can get a page for a target,
> but there are no graphs, only error messages with red background telling
> me "Error: Cannot create graph".

That might be another problem. Let's look at the other problem first.

Does your web server logfile contain anything from 14all (the error log)?

> I'm sure that:
> - I'm running MRTG with UseRRDTool: Yes (it works because my .rrd are
> updating)
> - The .rrd files and the paths are readable (rwxr-xr-x)

14all needs a writeable directory (remember that it might run as the web
server user!). It first tries the directory where the
rrd files are. Next on Unix it tries /tmp. On Win* it looks at the
directories it finds in the environment vars "TMP" or "TEMP" than in the
root directory "/". What do you think: should it be possible to specify a
different directory for the graph files?

Bye ... Rainer
Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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