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In article <C1256880.004D2C07.00 at SMTP_PARIS1.bnpgroup.com> you wrote:
> Can I use the RRD/14all with Windows NT ?
> In the 14all README file I see a reference to "perl-shared" , do I need to
> install this on Windows NT also ? Is it included in the RRDtool binary for
> Windows NT ?

There are several people that run 14all with NT. The current version might
habe some problems. (read the list)

I don't know if the 'perl-shared' version of RRDTool is included in the
binary distribution, but it should as other people got 14all working on NT.
Just try it: If something like 'RRDs.pm' and 'RRDs.so' is included it's ok.

Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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