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Thu Feb 10 12:16:04 MET 2000

In article <v0421010fb4c77455d269@[]> you wrote:
> Same. I grabbed the p2 link off your page, but the source shows p1. 
> Unfortunately, I blew away p1 so I have no way to compare them.

Sorry, my fault.

I think I found a possible reason for the problem. I changed the config file
parser to handle ^ and $ targets differently. It ignored this values if
there wasn't a 'normal' value. Example:

Workdir: /var/mrtg
Directory[^]: router1
Target[router1.1]: ...

The author of this config file tried to set the directory of router1 to
/var/mrtg/router1 but my parser set it to /var/mrtg.

The new parser should handle this case better now. But I think that the
Right Way [TM] is to use target '_' instead of '^', i.e.

Workdir: /var/mrtg
Directory[_]: router1

(if you change it you need to change every target!)

You can find the new version 1.0p3 at the usual place.

Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de

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