[mrtg] UseRRDTool and MaxBytes does not work ??

Peter Baumann petbau at linuxnet.ch
Sat Feb 12 23:43:39 MET 2000


I reconfigured mrtg to put all the captured data into RRD's, this works
I'm displaying all the graphics now with the 14all.cgi which is also working

Sometimes it happened that a router have to be rebooted. mrtg is collecting
datas which are in the e+06 range !! But I setup in the mrtg.cfg for every
router-config the right MaxBytes values ...

Is this a bug that the values are too high only when I'm using RRD ??

I tried a lot of things with

unknaszero, AbsMax (Same value as MaxBytes) and so on.

I'm running a second mrtg in parallel with the RRD-modified mrtg.
I could verify that the "old" mrtg which is running WITHOUT UseRRDTool is
doing right.

Anyone out there with the same problems ??
Maybe someone can help me ??

Thanks for any infos.


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