[mrtg] Re: YMax

Albert Wiersch support at htmlvalidator.com
Sun Feb 13 06:35:39 MET 2000

Hi Justin,

I do not know Toby but I hope he can implement this is a feature such as
YMax or something like that. Toby, are you listening? :-)

I decided to use ORBS because it seems to block a lot of SPAM...
Unfortunately too many people do not secure their email servers so it blocks
some non-SPAM mail as well. I wish everyone would use it so that it would
for force people to secure their servers. That should greatly decrease SPAM.

Albert Wiersch
AI Internet Solutions
al at tetrion.com

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> After rereading your message, I think it is working but not the way
> you want it to.  Normally it should set the maximum value accepted to
> MaxBytes unless AbsMax is defined.  With AbsMax defined it will
> accept value up to AbsMax and print a red line where MaxBytes is.
> Its not something that could be control with scripts or anything of
> the like I don't belive so it would probably require another
> directive to make it do what you're wanting.  Maybe Toby can
> implement that in the next version.  Who wants to word that better
> and present it to Toby as a possible new idea?  Does anyone else have
> any ideas?
> Justin :-)
> PS==> Albert, I would send you these messages directly but it appears
> that your provider uses ORBS to filter mail and my University somehow
> got listed. #$%^&*!!!! :-(

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