[mrtg] Re: UseRRDTool and MaxBytes does not work ??

Peter Baumann petbau at linuxnet.ch
Sun Feb 13 13:20:31 MET 2000

Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> Check the settings in the rrd file.  Try: rrdtool tune some.rrd
> Your maxbytes or absmax value should have been set in the "max" column.
> If not, read the docs for rrdtune and alter it.

You're right. The setting was on NaN (Unknown Value).
I could set this with rrdtool tune xyz.rrd -a ds0:64000 -a ds1:64000 (For
64kbit/s MAX)

Maybe you can help me with another thing??
When I'm configuring a new router in mrtg.cfg AND I specify MaxBytes AND AbsMax
with UseRRDTool: Yes, the resulting new-created *.rrd file does again have no
MAX-values set ...
Maybe this is a bug ??
Should this MAX-value not be read from AbsMax in the mrtg.cfg ??

Thankls a lot for your hints !!


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