[mrtg] Re: MRTG hardware specs

Brad Johns brad.johns at tenauto.com
Mon Feb 14 15:45:05 MET 2000

The big hog that you are going to need resources for is the mrtg-ping-probe. It's a big hog of cpu and memory. I currently have 2 servers running mrtg, one for each of 2 interenal division. Each one runs interface stats on about 70-80 routers and switches, and also runs mrtg-ping-probe out to all the routers. The servers are compaq proliant 3000, 256mb memory, 300mhz proc. Needless to say these boxes are very busy. Load averages are about 15 all the way accross(1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute intervals) I'm trying to get hold of secondary processors to speed things up, because I'm afraid to add anything else to them(it's ugly when mrtg gives you out of memeory erros, and then proceeds to crash)

Hope this helps.
Brad at tenneco.net

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On 2/14/00 at 2:38 PM Matthew Moore (DSL AK) wrote:

>I am fairly new to mrtg, and am very impressed. I've set up some basic
>polling of Cisco devices, and haven't had any problems to date.
>I'd like to know what some other mrtg users configurations are like -
>specifically hardware specifications (I'm running on NT) and number of
>polled devices.
>I plan to poll 120 routers for the following stats using 5 staggered cfg
>files (running one minute apart):
>*	ifInOctets & ifOutOctets every 5 mins
>*	Ping times (using mrtg-ping-probe) every 5 mins
>*	Cisco avgBusy5 (CPU Util) every 5 mins
>*	Cisco CRC & Aborts every 5 mins
>*	Cisco free Memory every 2 hours
>*	Cisco IP accounting data (using whodo) every 30 mins
>Is this configuration realistic? Are the snmp requests likely to overlap
>polling intervals? Any other suggestions?
>I will be running on a Windows NT Pentium II 400. 
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