[mrtg] Re Re: not ever showing 100 mb more info

ChgoWinger at aol.com ChgoWinger at aol.com
Mon Feb 14 22:59:41 MET 2000

This is what I am not sure of,   Is it really that quiet or do I have MRTG 
I'm not sure if my expectations are correct or not

Shouldn't I be seeing 100 mb or close to it at some point ?
We frequently use ghost to image  machines and this takes longer then 10 
these are hooked up switchport to switchport.

I was just using the server backups as an example as nothing else runs on the 
network at that time of night. 

The servers are under a year old,  compaq 3000 and a compaq 5500, Intel 
intelligent nics, complete path set up 100mb fd,  raid array 512 meg ram
drives are on their own compaq fw scsi cards.

Any thoughts on how to tell one way or the other ?

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