[mrtg] Re: Re Re: not ever showing 100 mb more info

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Mon Feb 14 23:29:33 MET 2000

ChgoWinger at aol.com wrote:
> We frequently use ghost to image  machines and this takes longer then 10 
> minutes.
> these are hooked up switchport to switchport.

Longer then 10 minutes, but how much data?  If you calculate this by hand,
you should be able to estimate the real throughput and compare this with
the value that MRTG shows.
For example, if you transfer about 8 gigabytes in 12 minutes, you can
assume a throughput of about 93 mbps... This would not be too bad.
(8,000*1024*1024 bytes, times 8 to get bits, divide by (12*60) )

Now compare the rate you calculate with the one reported by MRTG.
If they differ, the switch could report faulty values or MRTG has not been
setup properly.  Also, you may be running into snmp 32-bit counter value
limits. Try running MRTG every three minutes (without altering the config)
to see if this improves the picture.  Beware: this increases the load on
your monitoring server.

> The servers are under a year old,  compaq 3000 and a compaq 5500, Intel 
> intelligent nics, complete path set up 100mb fd,  raid array 512 meg ram
> drives are on their own compaq fw scsi cards.

What happens if you copy one file twice.  If the second copy takes less
time than the first, there may be a problem with your disks.

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