[mrtg] Re: empty graphs

Graeme Fowler G.E.Fowler at lboro.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 17:22:19 MET 2000

On 18-Feb-2000 Christopher L. Barnard wrote:
> Here is a bit more information
> -------
> WorkDir: /home/cbar44/html/mrtg/mrtg-mozart
> Target[mozart.tsg.cbot.com]: 2:public at mozart
> MaxBytes[mozart.tsg.cbot.com]: 1250000
> Title[mozart.tsg.cbot.com]: mozart (mozart.tsg.cbot.com): le0
> PageTop[mozart.tsg.cbot.com]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for le0
>   [...more html...]

Looks OK to me, perfectly plausible. (might be an idea not to publich
your machine name in future, mind you!)

> 186 mozart!/tmp/mrtg >> ./mrtg.debug mrtg.cfg
> Reading ifDescs from mrtg.ok ...
> getting SNMP variables for target: 2:public at mozart
> snmpget: ifInOctets.2 ifOutOctets.2 mozart public
> 2:public at mozart --> in: 0  out: 0  name: mozart

                    IMPORTANT BIT IS HERE

The values you are polling are both 0. Zero. Zip. Hence, empty graphs.

You have to be sure that you have the right OID. In your case either:
1. you have the wrong one
2. the SNMP agent is not collecting values correctly.

Try running snmpwalk over your target machine and get the right OID. If
it is the right OID, sort out the collection of the variables. Then you
can watch your graphs fill up :)


Graeme Fowler
Network Officer, Infrastructure & Networks Group
Loughborough University Computing Services

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