[mrtg] Re: mrtg and snmp in linux

Thomas Haberland thaberland at hawkeye.net
Sat Feb 19 13:55:52 MET 2000


Am Fre, 18 Feb 2000 schrieb Congdon, Christopher:
> I think installing SNMP is a pain on Linux. At least I think it is, since
> I've never done it before, and can not find anyone, anywhere who has been
> willing to lend me a hand getting it to run correctly. Most people who have
> sent me advice continually assume that I'm some kind of Linux guru [I'm
> not]....which is why I still don't have SNMP installed on the dozen RedHat
> and dozen LRP boxes I need SNMP on....

your Linux distribution is based on the RPM (RedHat Package Manager)
packages, so it is quite simple to install any tool you want. Also the
ucd-snmp tool is available as RPM package - and more, it is part of your
RedHat distribution. ;)

After " rpm -ivh ucd-snmp-* " check /usr/doc/ucd-snmp-....  and, of course,
the man pages, specially "man snmpd.conf".
Except the individual system information you can use this snmpd config file
on any machine in your network.

You need to edit at least one small config file, then launch the snmpd demon
by running " /etc/rc.d/init.d/snmpd start " as root. If you want launch snmpd
automaticly with the system, use the chkconfig or any other SystemV /
runlevel editor to add snmpd.

> --------------------------
> From: Jair Valmor Basso Junior
> I installed the ucd-snmp package in a redhat6.1 linux. But my mrtg isnt
> working with it.

did you configure and launch the snmpd daemon ?? If you are not certain,
check it with "ps awx | grep snmpd".

> If I try:
> ./cfgmaker public at ip_of_my_server
> # Add a WorkDir: /some/path line to this file

please read the mrtg config manual to understand this error message.

> There is a public community. I dont know what mrtg is looking for.
> btw, if I try the same command in my cisco router, it works very well.

same in the Cisco router: without activating the snmp service the router
don't know how to answer snmp requests on port 161. ;-)

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