[mrtg] Re: mrtg and snmp in linux

Jair Valmor Basso Junior jair at digital.internetional.com.br
Sat Feb 19 13:05:58 MET 2000

On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Thomas Haberland wrote:

> your Linux distribution is based on the RPM (RedHat Package Manager)
> packages, so it is quite simple to install any tool you want. Also the
> ucd-snmp tool is available as RPM package - and more, it is part of your
> RedHat distribution. ;)
> After " rpm -ivh ucd-snmp-* " check /usr/doc/ucd-snmp-....  and, of course,
> the man pages, specially "man snmpd.conf".
> Except the individual system information you can use this snmpd config file
> on any machine in your network.

ucd-snmpd is installed and running fine. I can query some stuff using
snmpget and snmpwalk

> You need to edit at least one small config file, then launch the snmpd demon
> by running " /etc/rc.d/init.d/snmpd start " as root. If you want launch snmpd
> automaticly with the system, use the chkconfig or any other SystemV /
> runlevel editor to add snmpd.
> did you configure and launch the snmpd daemon ?? If you are not certain,
> check it with "ps awx | grep snmpd".
> > If I try:
> > ./cfgmaker public at ip_of_my_server
> > # Add a WorkDir: /some/path line to this file
This error I know.

> > There is a public community. I dont know what mrtg is looking for.
> > btw, if I try the same command in my cisco router, it works very well.
> same in the Cisco router: without activating the snmp service the router
> don't know how to answer snmp requests on port 161. ;-)
Thats for sure!
The snmp service is running fine like I said above, the problem is mrtg
query something to the snmp server and dont getting the right response.

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