[mrtg] Re: mrtg and snmp in linux + off topic it is sorta

Bear bear at mail.tik.com.au
Sat Feb 19 15:00:19 MET 2000

hi Ragnar

see below

At 02:37 PM 19/02/00 +0100, you wrote:
>On Sat, Feb 19, 2000 at 08:09:53PM +0800, Bear wrote:
>> hi all
>>  we also have a problem with snmp for linux , it stops working
>> as soon as you try to access ie snmpwalk or getit  from another machine
>> this problem righted itself ???, after a few weeks ( wasnt really a
>> critical machine and ran for 2 weeks !) but it has now stopped ! again ,
>> restarting then stoping then starting snmp gets it going until the next
>> access which times out with no response , im no guru but this is
>> frustrating to say the least
>> cant remember the error msg ( was atleast 3 hours ago ) very nondiscript
>> oh well play with it again on monday i supose 
>What snmp daemon is this? and what version?
>Is this problem reproducable?
>in ucd-snmp 4.1, you can do:

yes it is ucd-snmp ver 3.6.1
its very repoducable , we were using the snmp native to redhat 5.2 whatever
that was 
yes using this command >snmpd -f -a -L -D
it runs for aprox the first query or maybe 5 it nearly did 8 then we get a
Segmentation Fault (core dumped)
and of course its dead then 
i would sujest to myself that an upgrade might help but doubt it 
anyway this is really off topic sorry joey and the group .
last words I am Rereading the DOCS!

>snmpd -f -D -L
>to start snmpd, not fork, debug and print log to stderr.
>Ragnar Kjørstad

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