[mrtg] mrtg 2.8.12

Daniel R . Kilbourne daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Tue Feb 22 20:10:47 MET 2000

I don't want to start a war, but it appears that mrg 2.8.12 may be broken. My reasoning : I sent out a previous letter concerning the fact that it looked like mrtg was not adding ports in use on a cisco 5200 correctly. Further details :

1) the graphs that did work (total of 3 boxes and 1st of the 3 boxes) were running on a machine running mrtg 2.8.9
2) the graphs that did not work (2nd box and 3rd box) were running on a machine running mrtg 2.8.12
3) I out mrtg 2.8.9 on the second machine, and ran it, and now the graphs look fine.
4) I am calling them correct/incorrect based on comparison of the graphs to a straight snmpget call

Now, let it be said that I think that MRTG is an AWESOME utility, but I see no other explanation for the problems than mrtg not working correctly. Can anyone shed some light?

let me know if you need more details (FYI - both machines are running RedHat 6.x with the same versions of ucd-snmp)
Daniel R. Kilbourne
daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net
Voyager.net Network Engineer


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