[mrtg] Yearly graph values off

Paul Nelson pnelson at biblio.org
Tue Feb 22 21:02:11 MET 2000

I've been running mrtg since the end of last summer, but until recently I have been suppressing the yearly graph.  My values for daily, weekly, and monthly are consistently high and for the most part predictable.  I recently commented out the suppress yearly option in my config file.  The yearly graphs are now being displayed in my pages, but the values are much, much lower than my daily, weekly, and monthly stats.  I literally see consistent values hovering around 50to60 k for a 128 circuit, but my yearly graph is showing values of like 8 to 16 k.  Does anyone have any ideas here?  I have the options set to bits.  And it does indeed say bits on the yearly graph.   The values just don't add up.  Oh!!!  And I may be answering my own question here, is this because of the averaging scheme of MRTG?  Taking into account all of the night hours that have no activity?  That would make sense.  And I'm sure that must be the case, but since I've already written this much, I may as well post it anyway.

I welcome any input and/or suggestions to get a more representative yearly statistic.

Paul Nelson
pnelson at biblio.org
Libraries Online Inc.
123 Broad St. Middletown, CT  06457

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