[mrtg] Desperated: indexmaker BrOken in 2-8-12 ?

Jérémy Lacroix jeremy at fr.uu.net
Wed Feb 23 13:19:37 MET 2000


I'm using mrtg since 3 years now, and updated from the 2.8.6 to the

I run it on a Sun Solaris 2.5.1.

mrtg-2.8.6 was working perfectly. I was polling more than 400 interfaces.
indexmaker was doing a great job.
I fought with indexmaker release 2.8.11 to get the result of my b-r
regexp, unsuccessfull. I noticed the first line in the change of 2.8.12
version, so i upated my 2.8.11 version to the 2.8.12

indexmaker -t "CR1.NAN1" -r '.*CR1\.NAN1.*' etc/CRs_mrtg.cfg should give
me all the trafic graphs which match in the Target[ge-8-0.CR1.NAN1].

It does but with other targets as Target [CR2.NAN2]...

Any ideas ???? Thx for answers.

Jeremy Lacroix, Exploit. UUNET MCI-WCOM
http://www.fr.uu.net -- mailto:jeremy at fr.uu.net
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