[mrtg] MIBs and mailstuff

Brent DiNicola Brent.DiNicola at Xpedior.com
Wed Feb 23 20:51:26 MET 2000

Hi, This might have been answered before, I check the archives and didn't
see the actual answer to my question so here it is ..

Mail: I have seen several people with mail stats pages using MRTG.. My question
is how are they making these files? What kind of mrtg.cfg file is used to 
this and how are they getting the data. I have found mailstats perl program 
that doesn't let me know how to plug it into mrtg.

UPS: I have a powerware UPS that I need to monitor, I was hoping to use the 
stuff to get it monitored and make the nice graphs. How do I setup the cfg 
to get
say pieces, do I use OID's or what? I am not quite understanding the format 
of the
the cfg files that generate the output. I have the MIB for this equipment 
and when
I do the snmpwalk of it, it times out if I use the MIB's that are for the ups.

Any help is appreciated..


ps. GREAT Product, MRTG rocks
Brent DiNicola
System Administrator
(972) 550 - 7900

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