[mrtg] Re: MIBs and mailstuff

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Feb 24 00:28:54 MET 2000

Brent DiNicola wrote:
> Mail: I have seen several people with mail stats pages using MRTG.. My
> question
> is how are they making these files? What kind of mrtg.cfg file is used to 
> generate
> this and how are they getting the data. I have found mailstats perl
> program 
> but
> that doesn't let me know how to plug it into mrtg.

Have a look at the config.txt or config.html file.  It is described there.
Look for external program interface or something similar.

> UPS: I have a powerware UPS that I need to monitor, I was hoping to use the 
> mrtg
> stuff to get it monitored and make the nice graphs. How do I setup the cfg 
> to get
> say pieces, do I use OID's or what? I am not quite understanding the format 
> of the
> the cfg files that generate the output. I have the MIB for this equipment 
> and when
> I do the snmpwalk of it, it times out if I use the MIB's that are for the ups.

Make sure you get SNMP working before starting to think about using it
from MRTG.  Only once you *know* it is working, try to incorporate it
into the config file or else you won't know what fails.

Again, look in the config.txt file to find out *how* to specify arbitrary
OIDs.  Pay extra attention to the lines where it says to use two, no more
and no less.

please write normal lines, about 72 chars max.  73 (as I did) doesn't
really hurt to much but 81 does...

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