[mrtg] indexmaker (2.8.1?) problems

John Dunning/NS/WSC jodunni1 at wsc.edu
Thu Feb 24 16:26:30 MET 2000

Heya all,
        I've noticed one other post on this issue with 2.8.11 and I've had 
it with 2.8.10 and 2.8.12 so I thought I'd clarify what I noticed in the 
last post from my experience.  We're experiencing two problems - one 
appears to be a migrational issue and one a legit problem (at least for 

        1) Not all of the older contrib cfgmaker type utilities (in 
particular I'm thinking of nwextcfg) put the target name to the right of 
the colon on the target line of the mrtg.cfg file - so the newer 
indexmaker may return no regex hits for the target.  I'm going to update 
the nwextcfg and resubmit it to the author - but I thought perhaps someone 
might want to consider modifying indexmaker itself to provide backward 
compatability.  Maybe that's not desirable - but I would be willing to do 
the mods and resubmit if folks would like. 

        2) More importantly - indexmaker seems to be adding some targets 
twice and capitalizing those entries so that none of the links work.  In 
this case a cisco 2924XL switch - it adds monitoring for VLAN1 twice - 
first graph and second to the last.  The first one works fine - but the 
second one is in all caps in the HTML so it doesn't work properly.  I 
would prefer of course that it not be there at all.  I did check the 
mrtg.cfg file - the target is listed only once.  Also - and this may be a 
problem with cfgmaker (which I used to append the cisco 2924 to my 
mrtc.cfg file) in that it adds an entry for VLAN2 - which never responds 
to the mrtg polls again (as reported by the mrtg.log) not sure why 
cfgmaker picked it up in the first place...

        Anyhew...just my thoughts...

        Vital Stats:            mrtg 2.8.12
                                perl 5.005_03
                                running on linux (2.2.14) - redhat 
distribution (heavily modified) 6.0

        John Dunning 
        Asst Dir Network Services
        Wayne State College
        Wayne, NE  68787

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