[mrtg] Re: Interface Speeds

Martin, Chris A chris.a.martin at lmco.com
Thu Feb 24 23:45:57 MET 2000

In response to your question regarding the output of mrtg and the actual
interface value:

The value recieved from mrtg is just short one calculation to be displayed
as the actual interface line speed. 

To see the actual value multiply the number by 8.

The reason for this is that SNMP MIB variable for this is an octet type. 

I remembered this from one of my own personal tools that I wrote in VB.

Hope this helps.
Chris Martin
<What doesnt kill you can only make you stronger...>

You Wrote:
eric-lists-mrtg at catastophe.net
Greetings ;

I'm currently seeing cfgmaker give back the following stats for network 

eth0		1250.0KBytes per second
qfe0		""
hme0		12.5 MBytes per second

All interfaces are on a 10/100Mbps switched backbone, and are in F/D 100MBps
mode. Any reason the hme cards show up with a different speed?


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