[mrtg] Differnent values for NT and Unix

Dean Hale dean.hale at sunderland.ac.uk
Mon Feb 28 16:56:41 MET 2000


Could someone please help me with this problem.

I'm running MRTG on both Unix (SunOS 5.6) and NT workstation

using the config file below

# Leighton 100 MBps
Background[^]: #e0e0d0
# svc 1 min
Target[]: 3164:public at
MaxBytes[]: 12500000
Title[]: Leighton
PageTop[]: <H3>Leighton</H3>
LegendI[]:  Incoming Traffic
LegendO[]:  Outgoing Traffic
Options[]:  bits

for both machines i get different results.

The Unix version http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/mrtg/leighton.html
flasts out at 520 k

while the NT version runs perfectly fine

Thanks for any help.

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