[mrtg] Re: Thresholds Question

Bradford Woodcock bwoodcoc at bbn.com
Tue Feb 29 05:31:15 MET 2000

I could be wrong but I think mrtg wants to 'execute' the threshold script
each interval until it clears. In instances as this in the past I've
handled a requirement like yours by putting a small bit of intelligence
into the threshold script. The logic goes something like:

if threshold=set then:
- check to determine if a file exists in a directory (the filename in this
case would be based on the target name)
- if the file does NOT exist then 'notify' and create file
- if file does exist then do nothing (or maybe overwrite file with new

if threshold=clear then:
- remove file
- maybe 'notify' if you want to know when it clears

a cheap and dirty trick to keep the state of a threshold


At 03:50 PM 2/28/2000 +1000, Garry Judge wrote:
>How do I get MRTG to send the Threshold broken message
>only the first time it is broken?  I am using the ThreshDir option so
>that it notifies me when all is OK again but I get the other messages
>every 5 mins.
>Looking forward to your reply.
>Garry Judge
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