[mrtg] Re: 'kilo' option?

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue Feb 29 11:15:13 MET 2000

Justin Shore wrote:
> At 9:15 AM +0100 2/29/00, alex at ergens.op.Het.Net wrote:
> >Justin Shore wrote:
> >  >
> >  > Can someone tell me when I should use the 'kilo' option?  For
> >
> >What is it you don't understand in:
> >
> >    Use this option to change the multiplier value for building prefixes.
> >    Defaultvalue is 1000. This tag is for the special case that 1kB =
> >    1024B, 1MB = 1024kB and so far.
> >
> >Have you ever read the manual?
> Yep.  Many a time.  Its one of the windows that I never close in my 
> browser.  It just doesn't quite make sense to me.  The recent message 
> on the mailing list (called FAQ) and my reply to it go over this a 
> bit.  Without an example of using something, its rather difficult for 
> some people to see a use for that thing.  In this case I'm that 
> person.  I understand what it should do but I don't know if/when it 
> should be used.
To me this says:

9000 b/s -->  9.00 kb/s   when Kilo is set to 1000 (as is default)
9000 b/s -->  8.79 kb/s   when Kilo is set to 1024 (user setting)

I really cannot think of any example to go with this, apart from
the example:  kilo[SomeTarget]: 1024
This example, contrary to your statement, is included in the doc.
The modifier should be used when you need to use it.  This depends
on what you are doing.

And as described in the "FAQ", the least you can do is explain that
you did read the manual but did not understand what it said.
This will prevent me, and others, from getting irritated for nothing.

If you ask ``I'm monitoring disk space on my server, should I use the
next modifier:  "kilo[disk]: 1024" ?'' you probably get another answer.
Most likely I would have answered:
If you are monitoring disk space then yes, in general you should use
that option.
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