[mrtg] Sendmail: MaxBytes higher than 100 Gb

Vito Maltese Vito.Maltese at CSI.IT
Wed Jul 26 11:20:59 MEST 2000

I need to monitor a Sendmail server that generates an enormous traffic...

See mailstats output below:

Statistics from Fri Dec 10 18:46:56 1999
 M   msgsfr  bytes_from   msgsto    bytes_to  msgsrej msgsdis  Mailer
 0        0          0K       21         55K        0       0  prog
 3   320169  117515994K   139599    1292246K     5562       0  local
 5   599936  383764591K   811195  407625354K   221393       0  esmtp
 T   920105  501280585K   950815  408917655K   226955       0

As you can see traffic in bytes is around 400-500 Gb.

I tried to monitor something in bytes using mrtg-mailstats
(http://mail.mandli.com/~jrowan/mrtg-mailstats.html) using also the -f option.
Without the option it's impossible to set a MaxBytes higher than 100 Mb.
I can see some graph but results are not satisfactory: values reported are not
correctly scaled.

Below you can see the .cfg file I used:

# saa31007.cfg:  Mailstats plotting with MRTG sul server
# Vito Maltese, 26/07/2000
# byte in ingresso e in uscita

WorkDir: /usr/local/apache/htdocs/mrtg/posta/saa31007/byte
Interval: 10
IconDir: ../../../img
Language: italian

Target[saa31007_byte]: `/usr/local/mrtg/run/mrtg-mailstats -f 0.001 -b -m esmtp
-s saa31007 -p 7256`
MaxBytes[saa31007_byte]: 100000000
Options[saa31007_byte]: gauge,nopercent,growright
Title[saa31007_byte]: Statistiche di Sendmail su saa31007.comune.torino.it (byte
 in ingresso e in
PageTop[saa31007_byte]: <H2>Statistiche di Sendmail su saa31007.comune.torino.it
 (byte in ingresso
 e in uscita</H2>
XSize[saa31007_byte]: 500
YSize[saa31007_byte]: 200
YLegend[saa31007_byte]: Bytes IN&OUT
ShortLegend[saa31007_byte]: Bytes
LegendI[saa31007_byte]: &nbsp;Ingresso:&nbsp;
LegendO[saa31007_byte]: &nbsp;Uscita:&nbsp;
Legend1[saa31007_byte]: Bytes in ingresso
Legend2[saa31007_byte]: Bytes in uscita

Thanks for any help,


Vito Maltese
CSI Piemonte
C.so Unione Sovietica 216 - Torino (Italia)
E-mail: vito.maltese at csi.it
Tel. +00390113169010
Fax. +00390113168212
Area Sistemi & Telecomunicazioni

Attività di competenza:
Servizi di monitoraggio Reti e Servizi

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