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below two posts I made about 2 months ago.
Some OID's for modems and analog/digital connections on MAX routers.


You should be able to add the values from all routers within mrtg.
I've no example handy, but there are many on the list.
Try a search on ascend. Because of some problems with ascends
snmp-implementation, you'll find some examples.



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>From: "Rob Smarzik" <rob at rjsonline.net>
>I am not getting any output on the graph. Just shows 0's. It might be
in the
>OID. Does any one else have the OID for Max Ascends 4048, 6048, and
>I am looking to monitor total modems in usage for a total of 4 of the
>boxes (2 - 4048's, 6048, and a 3048) on one graph. Right now I am just
>trying to graph one of the 4048's with no luck.

Try querying the OID directly with something other than MRTG. If you 
get a response that makes sense, your MRTG Options are a problem. If 
you don't get a valid response back, the OID is incorrect for your 

I graph modems, etc. on a TNT and use these options:

Options[calls]: gauge, integer

Using absolute _and_ gauge, as in Daniel's example, may be a problem.

I use the following on a TNT. Things will be somewhat different on 
your Maxen, but it gives an idea of how Ascend does things:

Target[calls]: at router
Title[calls]: Max TNT incoming calls
Directory[calls]: internal
PageTop[calls]: <H1>Max TNT incoming calls</H1>
MaxBytes[calls]: <the number of DS0s you have>
Options[calls]: gauge, growright, integer
ShortLegend[calls]: calls
YLegend[calls]: Calls
LegendI[calls]: Modem:&nbsp;
LegendO[calls]: ISDN:&nbsp;
Legend1[calls]: Current modem calls (callCurrentAnalogIncoming)
Legend2[calls]: Current ISDN calls (callCurrentDigitalIncoming)
Legend3[calls]: Maximum modem calls
Legend4[calls]: Maximum ISDN calls

Options[sessions]: gauge, growright, integer
Unscaled[sessions]: ymwd
Title[sessions]: Max TNT sessions
Directory[sessions]: internal
MaxBytes[sessions]: <the number of DS0s you have>
PageTop[sessions]: <H1>Max TNT sessions</H1>
Ylegend[sessions]: Max TNT sessions
ShortLegend[sessions]: Sessions
LegendI[sessions]: Sessions:&nbsp;
Legend1[sessions]: Current sessions (eventCurrentActiveSessions)
#Legend2[sessions]: Available lines (wanAvailableChannels)
Legend3[sessions]: Maximum sessions

# TNT modems in use/available 
Target[modems]: at r
Options[modems]: gauge, integer, growright
Unscaled[modems]: ymwd
MaxBytes[modems]: <the number of modems you have>
Title[modems]: Max TNT modems
Directory[modems]: internal
PageTop[modems]: <H1>Max TNT modems</H1>
Ylegend[modems]: Max TNT modems
ShortLegend[modems]: Modems
Legend2[modems]: Modems in use (BusyLanModem)
Legend1[modems]: Free modems (availLanModem)
Legend4[modems]: Maximum modems in use
Legend3[modems]: Maximum free modems
LegendI[modems]: Avail:&nbsp;
LegendO[modems]: In use:&nbsp;

# TNT available switched channels/no available modems 
Options[channels]: gauge, integer, growright
Unscaled[channels]: ymwd
MaxBytes[channels]: <the number of DS0s you have>
Title[channels]: Max TNT lines
Directory[channels]: internal
PageTop[channels]: <H1>Max TNT lines available</H1>
Ylegend[channels]: Max TNT lines
ShortLegend[channels]: LinesLegend1[channels]: Available switched 
channels in any hunt group 
Legend3[channels]: Maximum available lines
#Legend4[channels]: Maximum no modems available
LegendI[channels]: Avail:&nbsp;

Look in the docs for the MIBS used by your equipment. It'll help you 
find the OID for your need, and also clue you in to some of the 
information that's available. The TNT docs give a nice overview of 
the Ascend MIB hierarchy that I haven't seen in Ascend's other 
manuals, and much of the information is applicable. You can get it 
from Ascend's FTP site.

As for the number of lines, on the TNT each PRI has an OID of it's 
own, so you have to add each OID together to sum them up. Therefore, 
the OID will vary by the slot in use. Here's an example of a hunt 
group using two PRI, each 23B+D:

Target[twoprihuntgroup]: at rout
  + at rout
Title[twoprihuntgroup]: Max TNT two PRI hunt group
Directory[twoprihuntgroup]: internal
PageTop[twoprihuntgroup]: <H1>Max TNT two PRI hunt group</H1>
#AbsMax[twoprihuntgroup]: 46
Options[twoprihuntgroup]: gauge, growright, integer
ShortLegend[twoprihuntgroup]: Calls
YLegend[twoprihuntgroup]: Calls
LegendI[twoprihuntgroup]: Calls:&nbsp;
Legend1[twoprihuntgroup]: Calls
Legend3[twoprihuntgroup]: Maximum calls
#Legend4[hunt3]: Maximum calls
Unscaled[twoprihuntgroup]: dwmy

>From: Daniel R . Kilbourne <daniel.kilbourne at voyager.net>
>  >try this:
>  >
> at hostname
>>MaxBytes[ascend]: 96
>>Title[ascend]: Modem Traffic
>>PageTop[ascend]: Modem Traffic
>>RouterUptime[ascend]: string at hostname
>>Options[ascend]: absolute, gauge
>>Ylegend[ascend]: Lines in use
>>ShortLegend[ascend]: modems online
>>Unscaled[ascend]: dwmy
>>LegendO[ascend]: &nbsp:Total&nbsp:
>  >Legend2[ascend]: &nbsp:Modems in use
>  >
>>this works for our ascends, although I cannot recall exactly what
flavor of
>ascend they are
>  >
>>Rob Smarzik wrote:
>>>  I have had MRTG giving stats on routers for quite a while, but have
>it can also graph modem usage on the Ascend Max boxes. I am running
>NT and most of the things I am finding are for some form of Unix.
>>>  All I want to do is graph the total number of modems in use every 5
>I already have the 5min routines setup with our Cisco.
>>>  Does any one have a config file already made up for the following
>>>  Max 4048 (running TOS 7.0.3)
>>>  Max 6048 (running TOS 7.0.22)
>>>  Max 3048 (running TOS 8.0.1)
>>>  Thanks for any help in advance.
>>>  Rob Smarzik
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