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João Pedro Neves joao.neves at optimus.pt
Thu Jun 8 17:04:25 MEST 2000

Hello all,
	I have installed Mrtg in my computer, and for instance I have this
configuration file:

#Carga no A1000 em Acessos

WorkDir: /export/httpd/html/mrtg
Directory[carga_volume_a1000]: sdp1
Target[carga_volume_a1000]: `/var/mrtg/sdp1/carga_volume_a1000`
MaxBytes[carga_volume_a1000]: 100000
Options[carga_volume_a1000]: gauge,nopercent,integer

XSize[carga_volume_a1000]: 270
YSize[carga_volume_a1000]: 75

#XZoom[carga_volume_a1000]: 2.0
#YZoom[carga_volume_a1000]: 2.0

Xscale[carga_volume_a1000]: 2.0
Yscale[carga_volume_a1000]: 2.0

YTics[carga_volume_a1000]: 6

#WithPeak[carga_volume_a1000]: dwmy
#Unscaled[carga_volume_a1000]: dwmy
Ylegend[carga_volume_a1000]: Kb/seg
LegendI[carga_volume_a1000]:   Kb reads/seg  
LegendO[carga_volume_a1000]:   Kb writes/seg  
Legend1[carga_volume_a1000]: Kb lidos no a1000 por segundo
Legend2[carga_volume_a1000]: Kb escritos no a1000 por segundo
#Legend3[carga_volume_a1000]: Legenda 3
#Legend4[carga_volume_a1000]: Legenda 4
Title[carga_volume_a1000]: Carga no a1000 - Kilobytes
PageTop[carga_volume_a1000]: <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><H1>Carga no a1000 -
PageFoot[carga_volume_a1000]: <HR size=2 noshade><DIV ALIGN="RIGHT">This
page is managed by Vas Team</DIV>

Then I execute mrtg with this configuration file, when I see the html page
the values shown bellow do not match with the ones in the target file.
Anyone know why?

Max Kb reads/seg 8433 Average Kb reads/seg 100 Current Kb reads/seg 4000 Max
Kb writes/seg 8553 Average Kb writes/seg 412 Current Kb writes/seg 8000 

The problem it is that in my graph I don't have the values that are in the
target file.

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