[mrtg] Re: Alguien que hable castellano me puede ayudar? - translated, please

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue Jun 13 01:28:29 MEST 2000

Eugene Kanter wrote:

> Now, from my personal experience ucd-snmpd which comes with Red Hat 6.2
> is not mrtg ready out the box. I have seen exactly the same errors. Does
> anyone know how ucd-snmpd / mrtg pair should be configured to work
> together? I have been using cmu-snmpd before and have not had any
> problems. Default configuration was fine.

In anticipation of more useful answers:

Some time ago, too long to remember what it was exactly, I came across
some issues with ucd-snmp and redhat.  It was on another version of
redhat but the errors do ring a bell.

Just to make it very clear here it is again:  I don't remember exact so
the information in this message might be anywhere on the scale from
not-valid to completely-valid.

I seem to recall two issues:

1) the default view is too restrictive and needs to be modified.
2) there where two places where the configuration could be edited; one
   of them was mentioned in the documentation, you had to pick the other.

Issue number 2 was resolved by removal of the package followed by an
installation of the newest package available (this does not qualify as
upgrading as far as I'm concerned).

The first issue is actually a Good Thing; people who don't know how
to configure there system in a safe way don't open up their system for
preying eyes.  Only after reading the manual and configuring the snmpd,
it will work.

>From another redhat distributions /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf:
# By far, the most common question I get about the agent is "why won't
# it work?", when really it should be "how do I configure the agent to
# allow me to access it?"

In other words: you have to allow read-only access to the
part of the MIB.  The default does not let you access it.

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