[mrtg] Leased Line Bandwidth Capacity

Barry Young byoung at europe.chep.com
Mon Jun 12 14:41:36 MEST 2000

Could someone please answer a basic question that has been
annoying me recently.

We have a 512Kb leased line connecting to a Frame Relay cloud,
so should I expect to be able to support a maximum of 512Kb at any
one time (ie. total usage = sent bytes + received bytes).  Or does it
operate in a full-duplex fashion with 512Kb available in both directions
at the same time.

I suspect it may be the former but would appreciate some confirmation.
In addition, I think I remember someone from this mailing-list mentioning
that T1 lines do operate in full-duplex mode.  Is my memory correct and
does this apply to E1 lines in Europe also?

If my suspicions are correct, I think I might have to adjust my MRTG
graphs to add both the sent & received octets to see the "true"
utilisation of our leased lines. Oh bother.....

Thanks in advance,

Barry Young

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