[mrtg] Re: Leased Line Bandwidth Capacity

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Tue Jun 13 01:10:37 MEST 2000

Barry Young wrote:

> We have a 512Kb leased line connecting to a Frame Relay cloud,
> so should I expect to be able to support a maximum of 512Kb at any
> one time (ie. total usage = sent bytes + received bytes).  Or does it
> operate in a full-duplex fashion with 512Kb available in both directions
> at the same time.

Most likely this is a full duplex connection and you have 512kbps in
both directions simultaniously.

> I suspect it may be the former but would appreciate some confirmation.

A good way to know for sure is by visual confirmation.  I'm sure you
should be able to figure it out yourself but just in case... :

- Find a fast host with good connectivity, relatively close (network wise).
  It should have ftp-write access for you.
- Reconfig MRTG so that it will accept *at least* 512kbps as a valid rate.
- Create a large file (600 seconds @ 512kbps --> 38,400,000 bytes) and ftp
  this to this other host.  Then ftp the same file under another name
  and simultaniously fetch the first file.  If it takes about 10 minutes,
  it's 512kbps both ways.  If the total transfer takes about 20 minutes,
  well, you figured it out.

The calculations may need some adjustment if you cannot assume that the
whole bandwidth is available.  In that case, use the MRTG graph and look
at this large spike.  Even if you only got half of the total bandwidth
(because other traffic consumed the other half) the graph will show
512kbps for both directions or it will show a total of 512kbps.

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