[mrtg] How to measure with MRTG a round trip time for an e-mail

Pierre Journel - Yahoo journel at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 17 06:46:51 MEST 2000


I would like to be able to measure how long it takes for an e-mail to
go from my internal corporate e-mail system to the Internet and back
and, of course, graph the results with MRTG.

There are some auto-reply addresses on the Internet that will reply to
any message sent to them.

I think it should be possible to script it with Perl but I was
wondering if anybody tried to do something like this before. In fact
I'm pretty sure I\m not the first to come up with this "brillant" idea
;-) !!

Please point me in the good direction (if any!),



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| journel at yahoo.com
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