[mrtg] Re: MRTG w/ Cisco StrataCom ATM Gear?

Claudio Gutiérrez cgutierr at firstcom.cl
Thu Jun 22 15:42:26 MEST 2000

Here is my mrtg.cfg, where I am monitoring trunk 10.1 (a OC-12 trunk, a
BXM622 card)

.351. at clsrob1*48
PageTop[clsrob1.t101]:<H1>trafico por clsrob1, trunk 10.1</H1>
Ylegend[clsrob1.t101]:Bits per second
Title[clsrob1.t101]:Trafico por trunk 10.1 de clsrob1

If you want to mmonitor a OC-3, port 5.1

Target[clsrob1.5.1]:. at clsrob1*48
Ylegend[clsrob1.5.1]:Bits per second
Title[clsrob1.5.1]:Trafico por 5.1 de clsrob1
PageTop[clsrob1.5.1]:<H1>trafico por clsrob1, 5.1</H1>


Claudio Gutiérrez
FirstCom Chile

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Subject: [mrtg] MRTG w/ Cisco StrataCom ATM Gear?

>I'd like to know if anyone has found a way to graph
>trunk utilization on a Cisco BPX ATM switch. If you run
>cfgmaker or snmpwalk on a BPX, you will get the BPX's LAN
>status, but nothing on the trunks attached to the box
>itself (such as a DS3, OC3, etc.)
>The StrataView NMS software used with the BPX references
>UDP port 8161, but repeated snmpwalk queries to this
>port return nothing.
>= TC
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