[mrtg] Re: Cisco Catalyst 5000

Mike Wren mwren at burnsmcd.com
Thu Jun 22 17:55:39 MEST 2000

I was wondering if possibly the interface numbers were changing on you. I ran the cfgmaker output thru the cfgmaker_phys script to get the physical addresses of the ports. Then I went thru the output manually and changed the descriptions to reflect the actual port number. I did that because I assumed that the interface numbers might change on me and I wanted to have a better idea of exactly what graph I was looking at since all the ports on a module have the same description.

>>> Sean Peppard <SPeppard at bbm.ca> 06/22/2000 10:13:58 AM >>>


I have successfully graphed multiple cisco routers across my network which
is excellent. Now that I have accomplished this I wanted to move on to my
switches. I used cfgmaker with mrtg-2.8.12 and got the snmp info. for
mrtg.cfg, however the graphs did not look representational of the actual
traffic. This went on well for a couple of weeks with a few spikes then it
simply stopped graphing and now I can't get any snmp info from the switch at
all. Running cfgmaker returns errors stating 

SNMPGET Problem for sysDescr, sysContact, sysName, sysLoca, ifNumber,
SNMP error: 
No response received

Has SNMP died on the switch? Why all of a sudden with the same cfgmaker
script cant' I get the SNMP info?

The only things I changed on the switch are the port names.

I have no problems pinging or telneting to the ip and the community name is
public for sure.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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