[mrtg] Re: Problem: rateup died from Signal 9

LeBeau, Brad blebeau at Itiliti.com
Fri Jun 23 15:09:34 MEST 2000

I must have missed something in the documentation somewhere. I noticed the
date on rateup was a day or so off.  Evidently if it exists in the run dir
it's skipped.  Blew it away, re-compiled, moved it to bin, started mrtg.
All is happy.  Yoo-hoo!  I love it when a plan comes together.  

Thanks for the suggestions.

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I had the same problem until I copied all my libpng* files from my
/usr/local/lib directory to /usr/lib.
What does your LD path say?


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Subject: [mrtg] Problem: rateup died from Signal 9

On a new installation of MRTG, Solaris x86 I receive the following error
while running ./mrtg mrtg.cfg :

ld.so.1: .//rateup: fatal: /usr/lib/libpng.so.2: unknown file type

I've recompiled the png libs and mrtg, but still receive the error.  GD
compiled and installed without a hitch.  Zlib is now a part of the Solaris 8
Could someone give me a clue as to what to check next?

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