[mrtg] latency reports

Raymond Lee rlee at cjas.org
Fri Jun 23 16:26:46 MEST 2000


I am currently running some sample latency reports on MRTG with the method
described at http://www.lns.com/papers/mrtg/.  Right now, I'm only doing
this for 5 nodes.  Each one gets 5 pings sent to it in 1 second intervals,
so it takes 25 seconds to finish.  But if I add, say, hundreds of nodes
and send 5 pings to each, it would take forever to finish.  If I have a
cron job set to run this every 5 minutes, a new MRTG will be fired off
before the old one has finished, and it's not possible to run more than
one MRTG process at the same time.

That being said, is there a more efficient way of sending out pings for a
latency report via MRTG (aside from setting up multiple MRTG servers to
handle the load)?


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