[mrtg] Re: Errors

Peck, Steven speck at pandesic.com
Fri Jun 23 17:54:19 MEST 2000


You will either need to:

add 'C:\Program Files\mrtg-2.8.12\run' to your path statement. 
[Right click on My Computer and select Properties/Advanced/Environment
Variables] Choose Path in the System Variables section, edit button and add
the path to mrtg run directory. [Need admin rights etc.]

- or -

Use the full path name in your statement at the cmd prompt,  ie.
C:\Program Files\mrtg-2.8.12\run>perl C:\Program Files\mrtg-2.8.12\run\mrtg
C:\Program Files\mrtg-2.8.12\run\mrtg.cfg 
(This assumes that perl is in your path statement)

As that's a real pain when testing, I just add it to the path statement.
When I use the batch file I use full pathnames for everything to be safe.

I used Win2K while testing my cfg files and did not need SFU, currently it
is happily plugging away on a WinNT4/IIS4 box.


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  This my first attempt at setting up Mrtg on Windowz
2k.  I have SFU (Service for Unix) installed with
active state perl 5.  I am able to run cfgmaker fine
and get a valid mrtg.cfg file.  But... When I run mrtg
I get the following error:

C:\Program Files\mrtg-2.8.12\run>perl mrtg mrtg.cfg
ERROR: Can't find location of mrtg executable
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at mrtg line 57.

  Anyone know what gives?  Any help is appreciated.


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