[mrtg] Calling MRTG experts....What is MRTG doing? Wrong interface description in cfg.ok file.

Barry Young byoung at europe.chep.com
Tue Jun 27 10:48:23 MEST 2000

Help please, I appear to be going round in circles and there must surely
be a simple answer somewhere.

MRTG seems to be putting the wrong ifDescr in the cfg.ok file so when
I re-run the script I get warnings that the interface has changed and no
data will be collected.  This is incorrect because the router has not been
reloaded or reconfigured.

I am simply trying to monitor the number of active ISDN channels on a
Cisco 1603 and Cisco 2610 router.  As I do not know of any OIDs that
return this value, I am checking each BRI sub-interface for "up" or "down"
(using ifOperHack) and trying to add these together to gain the total.

However, the ifDescr that is put into the *.ok file seems to be unrelated
to the interface that I am trying to monitor.  The interfaces that I have are

Index     ifDesc
1     Ethernet0/0
2     BRI1/0
3     BRI1/0:1
4     BRI1/0:2
5     BRI1/1
6     BRI1/1:1
7     BRI1/1:2

So a target script would look like

   ifOperHack.3:public at ipaddr + ifOperHack.4:public at ipaddr
 + ifOperHack.6:public at ipaddr + ifOperHack.7:public at ipaddr

As mentioned, the *.ok file does not maintain the correct
interface description. I have had BRI1/0 and Ethernet0/0
recorded instead of BRI1/0:1

I have spent hours pouring over FAQs, MRTG sites etc to no
avail.  Can someone please put me out of my misery.


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