[mrtg] Update on MIB to OID stuff

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at MANDTBANK.COM
Tue Jun 27 16:39:57 MEST 2000

I thought I'd update everyone on my little quest.

I have found a little utility included in my distribution of linux (redhat) called snmptranslate.  It translates the complete MIB into an OID.  I'm not sure how it computes it, but it seems to work.  I now have a valid OID that I put into my config file.  

My question now is:

How do I run cfgmaker to get it to use this OID?  With mot of my routers, the statement I used was

perl cfgmaker public at target > configfile.cfg.

and it generated a config file with the basic options.  I then edited that file (configfile.cfg) and put in the specific options I wanted depending on the interface of the router, i.e. the .1 interface is usually our local network, so I put the option Directory[target]: localnet in that section of the .cfg.

How do I put an OID into this statement to get it to use it?  Do I need to put the OID into cfgmaker or can I add it as an option on the command line?  I've tried it a few ways and it either completely ignores it or blows up with any number of errors.

Thanks for all the extremely quick responses I get on this list.  It's pretty incredible.


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