[mrtg] Continuing saga of Paul vs. the MIBs and OIDs

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at MANDTBANK.COM
Tue Jun 27 18:49:40 MEST 2000

Another update -

I started getting curious about whether the snmptranslate program was working correctly or not.  So I set up another cfg file to monitor ethernet traffic on the two Network cards in the same server where I want to monitor disk space.  Ran cfgmaker and got a nice simple little cfg file to generate the pages.  Then I did an snmpwalk to find the MIB for InOctets and OutOctets on the cards themselves.  Got that information, ran snmptranslate and came out with two magical OIDs.  Added them to the cfg file with a different extention and I thought I would see the same results, right?  Wrong!  What do those extensions mean anyway?  If I am monitoring a router, I get an html page with a name like  The is obviously the IP address, and I always thought the .1 was the interface on the router.  For the target on the automatically generated cards via cfgmaker, I got .1, .2, .3, figuring that info was all that was available automatically.  I added a section with a target (ip address of the server is, let's say, of, thinking that the second set of OIDs I have (inOctets and outOctets) would come up on that page.  It's flatlined.  But it does generate the page.

BTW, I noticed that the OIDs I come up with start out (not sure), not (private, Novell).  I expected the Novell OID, not the other one.  I'm guessing this is where my problem is, and I think I'm going to open up an issue with Novell to see if they can solve the mystery.  I guess I could go back and use the MIB, but that won't solve the problem, only delay the inevitable a little more.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading.  If you can offer any help or suggestions, I'd appreicate it!


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