[mrtg] Re: Detailed WebPages Footnote

Isaac Grover isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
Tue Jun 27 20:09:20 MEST 2000

> I want to change the footnote of the webpages with the daily, weekly,
> monthly and yearly graphs. I think that it is generated automatically by
> MRTG and there´s a file that is responsable to do it. Is this file exists?
> Where´s his directory and name? I need to include the name of my departmant
> into the footnote of the page.

Read up on the 'PageFoot' keyword in mrtg_dir/doc/sample-mrtg.cfg. 
Here's what I use in mine:

PageFoot[_]: <P><b><a href="http://servername">servername</a> is
maintained by <a href="mailto:isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu">Isaac

It can be as extravagant or as simple as you want.

Isaac Grover - isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
SJSU College of Engineering, ECS / Networking
ENG 237, (408) 924-4074

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