[mrtg] Re: prot number

MacMillan, Bruce Bruce.MacMillan at cibc.ca
Wed Jun 28 16:15:15 MEST 2000

MRTG has a port option for the config files, so that you can query/poll
hosts that are not using port 161.


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On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, }{ce||enT wrote:

> Can any one tell me on which port MRTG runs.....
> Any suggestion are greatly appreciated!
mrtg doesn't run as a service/daemon on any port, i.e. it does not answer
requests. No data is "automatically" sent to mrtg.

However, the normal reports are done by mrtg querying the routers, it
wants to get information by SNMP.

# grep "snmp " /etc/services
snmp		161/tcp
snmp		161/udp

So the path must be open _from_ mrtg _to_ the router on port 161


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