[mrtg] Re: WithPeak[_] not reporting anything

Shpend Bakalli shbakalli at gmx.net
Wed Jun 28 22:54:14 MEST 2000

If you are measuring in every 5 minutes, then peak has no meaning for
daily graph... for weekly, monthly and yearly graph the result should be
ok... never tried globaly ([_])...

Isaac Grover wrote:

> Hello everyone.
> I'm running mrtg-2.8.12 on my RedHat 6.1 system and a few days ago
> implemented 'WithPeak' for all devices using '[_]', and the HTML
> legend indicates that dark green and magenta represent the max
> incoming and max outgoing traffic respectively, but nothing new has
> shown up on the graphs.
> Does WithPeak need to be run on each individual interface, or can it
> be run globally?
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> Isaac Grover - isaac at coe.engr.sjsu.edu
> SJSU College of Engineering, ECS / Networking
> ENG 237, (408) 924-4074

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