[mrtg] Re: Measuring packet bytes or data?...

alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Thu Jun 29 10:38:59 MEST 2000

Shpend Bakalli wrote:

> One thing is unclear to me...
> Is MRTG measuring data flow in the network (bytes in packets), or data
> that is arriving in the destination (uncompressed etc...). Maybe I'm not
> so clear in my question... in other words, if a packet holds 5000 bytes
> in compressed form (which is the real bandwith consumption) and the
> uncompressed packet has 20.000 bytes, which is the value measured by

MRTG doesn't know about packets, bytes or compression.  It asks the
device for a number and it only knows about this number.

The default OID which is queried gives you AFAIK the number of octets
(bytes) transfered through the interface which implies that this is
counted before compression (after decompression).

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