[mrtg] Monitoring BW on Cisco PVC's

Isaac isaac at netos.com
Fri Mar 10 21:01:45 MET 2000


MRTG is running great monitoring various Frame Relay PVC's on a
particular Serial Interface.

My question is how do I adjust the .cfg file in order to reflect the
fact that certain customers do not have a full T1.  Meaning, some
customers have 256 Burst / 128K CIR but when the graphs are displayed it
is showing that they are using such a small percent of their pipe
because it is for a Full T1.

I would like the graphs to show what % of a 256K PVC they are using or
what % of a 512K PVC they are using and not what % of the whole Frame T1
they are coming in on.

Thanks a lot!


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