[mrtg] 95th % extractor for MRTG+rrd

Jon Rust jpr at vcnet.com
Tue Mar 14 19:58:55 MET 2000

I use MRTG+rrd for our graphing. The lighter load on the monitoring 
system is sooo nice. I also wanted to be able to track 95th % 
rankings. I've cooked up a perl script that runs every night at 
23:58, and fetches the previous 288 samples from the target's rrd (1 
day's worth). Then (optionally) it sorts the samples and emails me 
the 15th highest so I can see a daily 95th ranking, and a list of all 
288 samples in chrono order. Finally it merges those samples with the 
previous 447/432/404 highest for the month (depending on the month), 
sorts the resulting list, keeps the new 447/432/404 highest, and logs 
them to a file for safe keeping.


If you have any suggestions or improvements, please send them along. 
I just wrote the script on Saturday, so it's still pretty green but 
seems to be working alrighty.


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