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Rainer Bawidamann Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de
Wed May 3 10:40:07 MEST 2000

In article <Pine.SO4.4.05.10005020917110.3466-100000 at slowpoke.sb.west.net>,
	jay at west.net (Jay Hennigan) writes:
> 1.  It looks as if 14All generates the index page merely by calling the 
> 14all.cgi .  Is there a way to segment this so that I can have multiple
> smaller index pages, for example one per router?  I don't want to draw 
> the daily small graphs for every interface on the system every time I 
> look at MRTG, but would not mind seeing all of the interfaces on a 
> specific router.  The "Directory:..." keyword seems to be related to 
> this but the documentation and syntax escapes me.  Clickable titles with
> the router names on the main page would be nice.  

Two things:

1. In mrtg "Directory[..]" is used to put the rrd files in different
directories. In 14all it is used to group targets. The start page of
14all is a list of directories and the targets without a "Directory".
Don't forget to move the rrd files if you change a Directory entry for a

2. You can write

UseRRDTool[...]: indexgraph: 0

in the config file to disable indexgraphs for the given targets.

> 2.  Presently we run several instances of MRTG to stagger the load
> so that all of the SNMP polls can finish within five minutes.  This 
> is done with multiple .cfg files, one for each group of routers.  
> It appears as if 14All wants a single .cfg file to reference.  How
> do we reconcile this?

14all.cgi accepts a CGI parameter "cfg=<configfile>". Create a html page
with links to 14all like this:


for every config file you have. (No this is not very comfortable - but
14all started as a hack ...)

> 3. Is there a setting to have the graphs (selectively would be nice)
> start at zero, as opposed to the expanded scale we're seeing with 
> RRDTool?  I'd like the traffic graphs this way, but the expanded 
> scale is great for things like temperature.  

What do you mean with expanded scale? Does your graph not start at zero?

> 4. Likewise, is there a setting to draw fewer grid lines in the Y 
> axis?  I've gotten used to the appearance of the MRTG graphs and 
> RRDTool's look different...

RRDTool has several options to configure the y grid (rrdgraph(1)). 14all
uses '--alt-y-grid'. The option '--alt-autoscale-max' might make sense.
you could add the line 

    push @args,'--alt-autoscale-max';

after line 266 (version 1.0p10).

> 5. Does the "Interval: " keyword in the .cfg want minutes or seconds?  
> What affect does this have on the operation?  We run from cron every
> five minutes.

Minutes. When using 14all/rrdtool (UseRRDTool...) it affects the
creation of rrd files. It does not affect how often data is collected
and stored (cron is responsible for this).

Rainer.Bawidamann at rz.uni-ulm.de

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